Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam.

Nice ‘n Easy has decided to shake things up a bit by adding a new foam hair color to it's line of Nice 'n Easy hair coloring products. It's called Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam. Being a fan of Nice 'n Easy and using Root Touch Up every few weeks, I thought an easy to apply foam was the natural way to go.

Like traditional home hair coloring kits, you get a tint and developer that you shake together and squeeze out of the bottle to get the foam. The foam makes for easier saturation of each strand as it expands when applied to fill in all the little places you might accidentally miss when coloring. It also is a lot less messy when using, as the foam acts as a solid that turns to liquid when applied, but enough so that the foam stays where you put it - no drips.

To see exactly how to use and apply the foam, check out this great "How To" video produced by Family Circle magazine.

Well, a foam hair color may be a natural way to go if you want to do an all over hair color. If you are a novice and/or like to totally change your hair color often, then this foam is for you. The fact that I keep the same color base and only touch up my roots and get an occasional highlighting treatment at the salon, I won't be a regular user of the foam.

If you want to try the new Color Blend Foam, then you need to save the date and head on over to  Facebook, because Clairol is giving away 100,000 free boxes. Beginning January 24th through the 27th, Clairol will be giving away the free boxes of Color Blend Foam on their Clairol Facebook page.  All you need to do is "like" the page for more details on how to claim your free box. I can't wait to hear how some of you like it.

Nice 'n Easy Color Blend Foam is available in a full range of 18 shades and is available now at mass retailers and drugstores for $9.99.