Put Your Makeup On in a Whole New Light with the Perfect Makeup Mirror.

A mirror is not just a mirror when it comes to applying makeup. I know this when I am out and go into a bathroom and think... where is my makeup. Or I look at myself in my rear view mirror in the car and think - wow, a bit too much on the liner today.  The right mirror with the right lighting could have helped me a lot.

You see, applying your makeup in the wrong lighting is the most common mistake many of us make. While you might make your face look gorgeous at the moment, you can look totally inappropriate later in the day. To keep your makeup looking its most natural all day long, it is best to apply it in the same lighting in which you'll be seen later. But how? Well, I remembered my mothers vanity from many, many years ago. She had a light up makeup mirror that could adjust to different settings.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that these mirrors are still made and are very popular. My pick is from Jerdon and I swear it was the one mom had. Their mirrors have these adjustments to help you see the difference between natural and artificial lighting so you can get your look just right.


I now apply my makeup in a whole new light with Jerdon's Model JGL-9 deluxe. This is a tri-fold makeup mirror features four lighting settings: day, evening, office, and home; along with a 5X magnification mirror, adjustable backstand and built-in outlet for my styling appliances.

Sometimes I am shocked when I look into the mirror. I see the places where I have overlooked moisturizing and cleansing. When applying foundation, it is much easier to miss areas or put too much on than I thought. The same goes for blush and powder, but this magnified mirror will show you the flaws immediately. Don't even get me started on the little hairs that I miss when tweezing!

This Jerdon makeup mirror is a must. I have purchased another for my daughter as we started fighting for mirror time, and my sister only had to see it once before she ordered. I bought mine on Amazon where it sells for $25.47. They have many more models from Jerdon available, some that you might have noticed at your favorite hotel, but this one is my favorite - and I will never be without it again.