The Tanee Tan Line Corrector.

No matter how good I think I am at applying self-tanner, I always happen to miss a spot here or there.  I swear, even if I am super careful, there seems to be some correcting that needs to be done on my ankles, feet and hands. It is annoying and hard to correct usually, until now. 

I was recently sent this nifty little product called The Tanee Tan Line Corrector.


The Tanee is a multi-use tube of sunless tanner formula that accurately fills missed spots or uneven tan lines without any mess or fuss.  The Tanee Tan Line Corrector’s has a precise sponge-pen applicator that makes blending into the discolored spots simple.  The formula is made with a combination of an instant, blendable bronzing tint and a sunless tanning formula, so results are instant, but last as long as a normal self-tan. Once corrected, you are done.

Right now, The Tanee is only available online through The Tanee website. Each tube is just $6.99.  I am hoping this soon hits drugstore shelves as this is much needed for a self-tanners arsenal or products.