SHOP M·A·C, COOK M·A·C Product Photos.

The SHOP M·A·C, COOK M·A·C collection is here, and I have a few of the products for you to gaze over. First, we need to talk about the adorable packaging. Who doesn't love a pastel gingham plaid print - on a M·A·C box no less? Call me crazy, but I totally get excited about these things.

The products are something you will most definitely be excited about once you look at them. There are quite a few must haves here. There are a lot of great products and new shades to really like here, and I have to say that I am really enjoying the Kissable Lipcolours. I know, they are re-launches from a few years ago, but I am glad to have been re-introduced.


EyeshadowX4 Call Me Bubbles, Colour Added

Cremeblend Blush Restores Dazzle!

Lipstick Naughty Sauté, Quick Sizzle

Kissable Lipcolour Enchantee, Woo Me

Tendertone Lip Balm Hot 'n' Saucy, Purring, Tread Gently

Nail Lacquer Kid Orange, Salad Dressed

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