Smoothe Shaving Tips.

Just because summer is coming to an end, it doesn't mean that it's time to stop worry about having the softest smooth legs. While I tend to mine more frequently in the months that I am baring them more frequently, I do like to keep them as smooth as possible all throughout the year.

I recently got to ask Venus Dermatologist, Dr. Ellen Gendler for some suggestions on keeping legs their smoothest.

 Q: I know everyone is different, but is there a certain routine you should stick to when shaving? Every 3 days? Only in the tub?

A: Every person’s routine should depend on their needs, but if you have very coarse hair and are prone to ingrowns, I’d recommend shaving less frequently. In any case, I’d always recommend shaving in the tub/shower, where the area you’re shaving can be wet.

Q: What do you suggest to keep legs smooth and fuzz free for as long as possible between shavings?

A: Use a razor that can protect your skin as you shave. Try Venus ProSkin MoistureRich – it has built-in shave gel bars that do just that. Moisturization is also key! Make sure you apply lotion right after shaving, when the skin can fully absorb what you put on.

Q: I seem to always cut my ankles and knees. Is there a way to minimize these nicks?

A: Make sure you’re using a razor designed for the contours of those trickier areas. Using a razor for women (like Venus) is one way to conquer these areas easier, because they are made with features like a pivoting head.

Q: How often should you change the razor blade?

A: It’s different for everyone, but as a rule of thumb, throw out your razor blade when you first start to notice dullness or discomfort – this usually happens to most women anywhere between 5-10 shaves.

Be sure to visit the Gillette Venus website for all your smooth shaving needs.