Stella Solid Perfume Necklace by Stella McCartney.

For the fashionista that wants to smell great this spring, this Stella McCartney Stella Solid Perfume Necklace works in every which way.

First, you have a designer piece. This necklace is from Stella McCartney!

Secondly, you have a wearable piece of jewelry. This beautiful silver stunner contains a round locket that is stamped with the Stella McCartney logo.

Finally, you have a beautiful fragrance always at your fingertips, when wearing.  The fragrance is a beautiful contrast between the freshness and softness of the rose, and the dark sensuality of amber. It shouts femininity.

This beauty is a limited edition that is exclusively available at Sephora for $49.00.

Get a piece of Stella McCartney’s spring collection with this fashionable take on fragrance. Tucked away in a round locket stamped with the Stella McCartney logo, the fragrance is always at your fingertips when you wear it around your neck. The embellished necklace allows for a discreet dab of perfume at any moment—just slyly slide open the charm to apply a hint of STELLA anytime, anywhere.