Sunday Reads: October 1, 2017.

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Just in case you ever wanted to know what my desk looks like on a typical afternoon, below is a quick snapshot taken with my iPhone.


Ahhh, the sweet smell of MAC vanilla. Is there any better flavor/scent than that of a MAC lipstick or gloss? I think not. I mean, other brands have tried... but they haven't come close. It's days like one this past week when collections like the recent MACXNickiMinaj Collection comes in that I just love my job. Wait until you see a few of the new holiday collections that I have already been lucky enough to see and test! Hint: NARS Man Ray is stunning!

I just can't believe that we are even talking about holiday already. I am not ready; I can't even wrap my head around thoughts of the holidays when it has been in the 90's most of this week in Massachusetts. I need to get my fall decorating butt in gear and plant some mums and drag out the fall pumpkins and flowers and such. It will be time for holiday decorations before I know it. Trying to fit in the time to do all of this is another story. You would never even imagine how much time I spend on all things Beautiful Makeup Search. Between the site, social, email, photographing products and editing, it is MORE than a full-time job. But again, I do love it. Most of the time.

If you are a Jane Iredale fan, you can now buy the brand at Neiman Marcus. This is huge news for a brand that was once only found at most physician's offices and salons. 

Swatching is hard, so I can't even fathom actually recreating an entire palette on my hand, but someone is. And it's incredible. 

I need to get on the Glam Glow train and try more from the brand — like these masks!

This glitter hairspray has me thinking I am back in high school. Would you try it?

Do you know the difference between all of the IT Cosmetics' Bye Bye Under Eye Concealers?

Riley Rose may be coming to a city near you. It opened yesterday in LA and the website launches next month. I can never get enough beauty shopping so I'm excited about this new concept store (from the Forever 21 founders) that features beauty, accessories and home decor. 

If you are into indie beauty products, you don't want to miss these winners

Hair accessories are a thing this fall. 

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