Sunday Reads: October 29, 2017.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? I haven't done anything special for Halloween in years! I will do a special manicure or maybe something different with my makeup, but since my kids have grown, we really are not that into Halloween as much as we used to be. I like to do a dark sparkly nail like demonstrated in this stock photo. I love the bright two-toned lip look, too. That look is easily created with a bright pink lip liner with a bright purple lipstick layered on top.

Halloween Makeup Look
Halloween Makeup Look

In other news, did you realize that we are exactly eight weeks until Christmas Eve? That means the holiday season is officially upon us. I know I have been teasing the holidays over on my Instagram page — follow me on Instagram if you're not — and I've mentioned it here a bit. This week I will begin holiday coverage. I have been patiently waiting to break out the holiday collections because it just seemed too soon to talk about the holidays before Halloween.

So let's kick off some holiday coverage and see what others on this world wide web of ours have been covering already. The makeup and beauty collections this year are incredible and I can't wait to show you my favorites.

Do you think these are the best holiday beauty products of 2017? Hmmm... That Tarte palette though...

Too Faced's Christmas collection is adorable. I think I want it ALL!

Those ABH highlighters... I am so adding them to my wishlist!

Did you hear about the Super Mario makeup collection? Adorbs!

You know I'm dying over the MAC Snowball collection. I have some of it and it's AMAZING and I suggest you buy the products you want asap.

The Fenty Beauty holiday collection is not what I expected; it's even more beautiful!

Dior holiday palettes are always some of my favorites!

Tarte's collection was one of the first to drop this year, yet I'm still debating what I should get. Besides the palette I already mentioned ;)

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