The 7 Face Brushes You Need for a Flawless Makeup Look.

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When it comes to your makeup application, the makeup brushes you choose are just as important as the makeup you choose. This is especially important when it comes to your face makeup; your face makeup is essentially the base to your look. As there are thousands of makeup brushes available, it can be confusing when picking out what face makeup brushes you actually need. 

The 7 Face Brushes You Need for a Flawless Makeup Look

I love buying makeup brushes in sets, especially this time of year because you can't beat the value, but when it comes to face makeup brushes, I prefer to buy pick and choose individual makeup brushes so I know that I am getting exactly what I need. These are my recommendations for face makeup brushes guaranteed to give you a flawless makeup look.

Foundation Brush

The right foundation brush will give your skin the perfect, airbrushed finish. There are different types of foundation brushes available. There is a flat foundation brush like the MAC 190 Foundation Brush which is ideal for applying a very liquid foundation. I like to use 190 Brush and then finish with the MAC Duo Fibre Foundation Brush to further blend out the foundation and give skin a softer look. I also like this foundation brush to buff on cream products and this brush which is great for powder; both of these leave skin with an airbrushed finish.

Concealer Brush

A concealer brush makes covering under eye circles, spots and imperfections easy. I highly recommend adding one or two concealer brushes to your makeup bag. A flat concealer brush is good for getting directly into the corners of the eyes and concealing spots; a blending concealer brush will help to soften and blur lines while concealing.

Kabuki Brush

A kabuki brush is used for applying finishing powder and is a must-have for anyone serious about their makeup. I like a full kabuki brush with a short handle, but there are many different sizes and shapes of kabuki brushes available. 

Large Powder Brush

You may wonder if you need both a large powder brush and a kabuki brush and the answer is yes. A large powder brush is good for applying bronzer all over the skin or all-over face powder in a different way that you would ordinarily use a finishing or setting powder.

Blush Brush

A long-handled blush brush is essential to your makeup routine. I always have a few blush brushes in my makeup bag. I use a blush brush for cream products and powder products, and I like to keep them separate so more than one blush brush is definitely a must.

Contour Brush

An angled contour brush is an excellent tool for applying bronzer and contour products. I recommend keeping two contour brushes in your makeup bag, one contour brush for cream products and one contour brush for powder products.

Fan Brush

A fan brush is the perfect type of brush for highlighting your cheekbones. Whether you pick a small, detail fan brush or a large fan brush, you need at least one in your makeup arsenal.

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