Sunday Reads: September 24, 2017.

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Yay for Sunday fun-day! This last week just flewwwwww by! Do you ever have those weeks? I spent Friday night cheering on my son Joey at his football game as usual — ha! I found it pretty funny that the regional newspaper found it special enough that they caught me reacting to one of his touchdowns to take a photo and publish it.

Next Saturday is my 28th wedding anniversary and my husband and I are going away for a few days. I would like to say it will be nice to get away somewhere warm, but as I write this it is 91 degrees here in Massachusetts, so I really don't need to escape to somewhere tropical to find the heat. I am excited to just go away with my husband and do nothing for three days. We have both been extremely busy that we need some time to really relax. 

This leads me back to the weather and natural disasters. Once again, my heart is aching for everyone affected by these extreme weather situations; the hurricanes (Harvey, Irma, Maria) and now the earthquakes. The hundreds of thousands of people that have been affected in Texas, Florida (the whole southeast US), Puerto Rico, Mexico City and not to mention all of the wildfires burning out west, is mind-blowing. The devastation is surreal. Big hugs, kisses, and prayers to any and all dealing with anything out of the ordinary.

Onward, my friends. Let's talk beauty!

I must say that I was a pretty good girl this week and only bought a few things. I had been curious about the Colourpop Pressed Shadows, so I ordered the I Think I Love You pressed powder shadow palette which I showed on Instagram. I also showed off my other purchases, the Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner. I ordered two shades and I'm already obsessed. My other fun purchase included some terry spa headbands. I use them for when I remove makeup and do a face mask or peel. 

It sounds like I need to get some of these exfoliating sugar cubes STAT! 

Where have I been — Tiffany & Co. has a perfume? I didn't know they ever had one. I am putting the new Tiffany & Co. Eau de Parfum on my wish list. 

If you're into color but not so sure you can pull it off in your makeup look, why don't you try a colorful coat this fall? I'm not so sure about this one.

Did you see that the new MAC X Nicki Minaj collection is available? It just launched this week and it's full of glorious nude shades. I need to at least order the two signature shades. Fun fact for you shoppers: Nordstrom price matches, so these $17.50 lipsticks are only $14.88 if you shop online at Nordies.

Another dry shampoo I need to try? The Bumble and Bumble Trés Invisible shampoos sound good!

Michelle Phan will be moving on from Ipsy to concentrate on her own brand, EM Cosmetics.

OMG! Did you see the LORAC Mega PRO Palette 4? It is PINK and there's a shade named UNICORN!!!

Negative space nails were fun... makeup? Not so much!

Have a beautiful week!

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Teri Cosenzi

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