Top 10 Hair Products for a Beautiful Blowout.

I'm obsessed with having a fresh from the salon blowout. I'm proud to say that I've perfected the routine on my own so I can do it myself. I make my blowout last a few days too. All it takes are the right hair products, tools, practice and patience. I always grill my stylist for tips and watch him carefully when he does my hair.

Tips + Tools for a Perfect Blowout at Home

My quick DIY blowout tips: Start by drying hair, lifting it at the roots until it is about 50% dry. To make it easy, you can flip your head upside down, then flip your head back over upright and direct the nozzle underneath the hair. Next, take small sections with a large round brush, wrap the section around the brush and dry each section giving it a shot of cool air for about ten seconds to lock in the volume. Finally, hold the blow dryer high above the head and dry straight down onto the hair, over the brush to seal in the cuticle and smooth the hair.

Here are the top hair products I use for the most beautiful blowout.

Top 10 Hair Products for a Beautiful Blowout

1. WEN by Chaz Dean Cleansing Conditioner - I alternate from using shampoo/conditioner to the more simple cleansing conditioning method in the summer months. I am in love with the WEN cleansing conditioner and for the season I have been using the limited Coconut Lime Verbena scent. I love this way of cleansing my hair without foam. It's one step! The secret is 12 pumps of product plus a lot of water and really massaging it into the scalp.

2. Moroccanoil Treatment - This is the first thing I put on my hair as soon as I get out of the shower when my hair is really wet. I use one pump of the oil and I start by massaging in the ends of my hair and work my way to the top and massage into my scalp. It helps to nourish my hair and tame frizz, fly-aways and smooth the blowout for salon-looking hair. Plus, the smell...

3. Dove Style+Care Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse - This is a great mousse that helps keep my thin hair in place with a bit of a wave or curl (depending on how I style) just from using a round brush and blow dryer.

4. Suave Volume Blowdry Spray - I always spritz this over my hair right before I blow-dry my hair. It seems to help my style better. I'm not exactly sure if it aids in heat protection, but it does something because my hair is so smooth and out of the salon fresh when I use it. I definitely know when I forget to use it.

5. Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo - My new favorite dry shampoo (it comes in two tones, one for dark hair and one for light, this one keeps my hair fresh and clean and looking freshly blown out for two to three days in between cleansing.

6. Drybar Buttercup Blow Dryer - This is my hair dryer of choice. I've used it for a few years and it is just like what they use in the salon. It has two speeds and three temperature setting, features nano technology so hair always comes out smooth. It also comes with two different nozzle types for styling.

7. WEN by Chaz Dean Replenishing Treatment Mist  - I spritz this in my hair in between washings or when I need a bit of added volume. I use Sweet Almond Mint (love the scent) for the ultimate in refreshment.

8. TRESemmé Perfectly (un)Done Hairspray - I switched to this brushable hairspray after being devoted to a much more expensive brand for years. I swear this is almost the same but maybe even better. It holds my hair in place without ever being stiff and it brushes out for re-styling.

9. Drybar Double Pint Large Round Ceramic Brush - I style with a large round brush for volume and dry in small sections so my layers get lift and a bit of curl and then finish in large sections for added volume. This brush is like my best friend.

10. Teeze w/ Eez Back Comb Brush - I have a lot of hair but it is thin. I need to add in volume here and there with just a bit of teasing, but the kind of teasing that you wouldn't ever notice. I love this specially designed comb that helps me backcomb the tops and side layers of my hair for volume and lift that I need to give my hair that ultimate blowout look.