Extend Your Summer Tan.

As we transition our way from summer to fall, you don't have to lose that summer tan you have. I'm hoping it's a faux glow but I see you all out there and realize many of you have spent a lot of time at the beach and are brown. Even though I pile on the sunscreen, my skin turns a light golden brown color as soon as I hit the outdoors too. I do enhance the color by self-tanning and that is exactly how I am extending and prolonging my summer tan. I've discovered some new products that are giving me the most believable color that lasts and one that protects me while I am outside.

Products + Tips to Extend Your Summer Tan

I've told you about how much I love Vita Liberata
 pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse and all of my tan extending products are from that same Vita Liberata brand; they are all exceptional.

The first product I have been using is Vita Liberata
 pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Lotion ($54). Basically the same as the mousse, but in lotion form, this self-tanner is super hydrating and soothing to my dry summer skin. It blends very well and leaves my skin with a deep, believable tan that lasts 10+ days before fading. There is literally no self-tanner scent to this lotion. It's worth every cent.

Vita Liberata
 pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Lotion

When I want an instant or deeper tan, I have been using NKD SKN 1 Day Bronzing Tinted Lotion ($14.95). The NKD SKN brand is from the creators of Vita Liberata and is more natural based. This 1 Day Bronzing Lotion is especially good for my legs. It's super easy to apply with the mitt that comes with. I simply squeeze a bit of the tinted lotion onto the mitt and apply it on my legs in a circular motion. It looks so believable and natural! It stays put and doesn't wash off until I wash it off.

NKD SKN 1 Day Bronzing Tinted Lotion

To protect while enhancing my glow, I have been using Vita Liberata's SPF 50 Passionflower & Argan Dry Oil ($45). Not only does it make my faux tan look great, it offers hydration and superior broad spectrum sun protection. And it's not greasy! It's also nice to add a bit of shine to the legs during the day and get protection.

Vita Liberata SPF 50 Passionflower & Argan Dry Oil