Top 10 Matte Lip Products.

I've slowly been embracing the matte lip trend this year; matte lippies have come a long way. Long gone are the drying, chalky-looking matte lip products. Today's matte lip products are more satin and creamy on the lips. A matte lip offers full color coverage and beautiful pigmentation. I say lip products because we are seeing matte lip products in everything from lipsticks and lipgloss to even pencils.

I've been trying a lot of matte lip products and have discovered some real nice ones. There have been some fails in there and I won't be talking about those. Unfortunately, some matte lip products are still drying. With so many creamy, hydrating options, there is no reason to settle for a drying product, now is there. Here are the 10 best matte lip products that I have discovered.

Top 10 Matte Lip Products - the best matte lipsticks, matte lip gloss and matte lip pencils