Your Best Skin: Neutrogena Wave Sonic.

How cute is this Neutrogena Wave Sonic?

An upgraded sister, if you will, to the Neutrogena Wave, this little tool promises to get   your face 50 times cleaner than just by standard cleansing. Yes - 50 times cleaner!


The spinning action of Neutrogena Wave Sonic works better than what your hands can do alone.  It deeply cleanses and exfoliates while it massages skin in once easy step. Whether you want a  gentle daily cleansing and deep cleansing, you have the option as this tool has two speeds. It even comes with 14 foaming pads to use to get you skin ultimately clean.

While I do not think this is an equal to the Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System,  it is definitely a contender - my second choice.  All of my kids are using it on their skin now.

The Neutrogena Wave Sonic is available at drugstores and mass retailers for around $15.00.