Shu Uemura to Shut Down US Counters.


Last week, L'Oreal announced that Shu Uemura will shut down all of it's United States counters. It will continue to be sold overseas and online through it's website at

Here is the official word I received from the public relations department:

"You will still be able to purchase Shu Uemura products at The only change with the brand is that you will not be able to buy Shu Uemura on counter at department stores or in boutiques in the United States, as they are phasing out these locations in the coming months. However, the brand will continue to introduce new product offerings on their web site, where it will continue to be available. The Shu Uemura Art of Hair line will not be affected at all by this decision, and will continue to be sold through upscale hair salons as it is now, in both the United States and abroad."