Back to School Beauty: Daily Essentials.

It's that time of year. School bells are ringing everywhere. I have some friends across the country that are already back in school. I have another week before I go back to school, but I am ready. I am going to HIGH SCHOOL! So excited!!!

Being organized and out the door at 7 AM is going to take some organizing on my part. I think I have narrowed down exactly what I need to use in the morning so I can get out as fast as I can, while looking decent, and feeling fresh and awake - ready to face the world.  Here are my daily beauty essentials.

Supersmile Toothpaste & Accelerator - $36.00
Just a drop of the toothpaste and accelerator in the morning leaves my mouth feeling clean and fresh while helping to keep my smile its brightest.

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub - $6.00
This scrub makes my already cleansed face look and feel clean. I hate the look of "gunk" in my pores and using this every more makes sure my face is exfoliated with nor clogged pores behind.

Kiehl's Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin Clearing Treatment  - $30.00
If I do see or feel a blemish coming on, I start treating it right away with this cream. I do not use it all over, I just spot treat areas. I do use a think layer over my nose though and it really keeps the blackheads away.

Burt's Bees Lip Balm - $3.00
I use this daily, before any type of lip gloss or lipstick. It is the perfect moisturizing base that smells so fresh and keeps my lips soft.

Skintimate Moisturizing Shave Cream $4.00 & Schick Quattro Razor $7.00
Whether it is my under arms, legs or both, I do shave a bit every morning. I know it is a sensitive subject, but with dark hair is is a must. This shave cream makes my shave quick and easy while leaving my skin super soft.

Suave Naturals Body Lotion - $3.00
My current obsession is the Lavender Vanilla Scent and it smells great with my everyday perfume choice (see below). I smooth it all over my body right before I get dressed to keep my skin soft all day.

Philosophy Baby Grace Perfume Spray - $40.00
School is not the time to wear an over powering fragrance, so I wear Baby Grace from Philosophy. It is a soft, clean scent, just like the smell of a baby. It smells a bit more floral when I spray it over the lavender vanilla body lotion.

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant - $7.00
I have written about my love for this daily deodorant before, and hands down it is the best.

Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray - $24.00
I am not that much of a hair spray type of girl, not for every day at least. I do style my hair and no matter how I style it, after brushing my hair through, I spray on a few spritzs of this magical shine spray. It leaves my hair looking super clean, healthy and shiny soft. 

Stay tuned for my makeup essentials. Even though they will probably change (and change a lot), there are definitely every day makeup basics that will be in my morning routine.

*Some of these products were sent to Beautiful Makeup Search as samples for editorial consideration.