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Cosmetic Complaints.

complaints.jpgI hope you didn't think that everything around here is always so rosy and perfect, because it is not. There are plenty of times I have gripes about products - mostly products in general.

I have jotted down things here and there that I really don't like about some beauty products, and I was thinking that I should let you in on my thoughts to see if you agree. 

So - the Cosmetic Complaint Department is open. Here are my gripes - and be sure to list yours in the comments.

  • I hate it when body and hair oils are packaged with no special orifice. I mean, I don't want to pour it out or squeeze it out all over myself. It gets my shower and floor all slippery too. When packaging an oil, why don't you use a spray top or a roll-on top applicator of some sort?
  • Get rid of the teeny, tiny makeup brushes that come in products. They don't work, break, and just take up room in the compact. They are hardly ever used, perhaps by the makeup novice, so why don't you just do away with them for good?
  • I loathe sample packets that never open where they are supposed to - or make that - open at all. So, I am in the shower and can't wait to try the latest shower gel or face mask, only to be all slippery and not being able to open said plastic package. Argh! Smart companies are making samples in great clamshell-like packages with twist off ends - so simple. Get with it everyone!
  • Speaking of clamshells - I mostly hate them. The ones in the drugstore are the worst. You can never open the d*** things, and sometimes even break the product in trying to do so.
  • Lipstick being labeled a lipstick when it is basically a lip balm and leaves nothing but a hint of color. Why not call it a balm, or a sheer tint or something. Not a lipstick! Because we makeup users expect a lipstick when we are sold a lipstick.
  • I have no need for pushy sales associates at the beauty counters. Enough said!

Okay - enough from me. What are your cosmetic complaints?


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Reader Comments (7)

I hate it when I buy a lipstick and it breaks in half as I twist it up. That gets me angry. I would think there is a better way. Why do they make lipsticks in tubes? They shoud be made in pots so they cannot break.
I HATE it when the aerosol spray cap gets clogged on my hairspray. It never works the same even after I clean it out.
I need to complain about makeup brushes to. I buy nicer brushes then the ones in the compacts, but I still have this problem. The little hairs come off all over my face. It drives me nuts!
This is sort of along the lines of your oil packaging gripe, but I am not a fan of jar packaging for foundations, moisturizers, eye creams and the like. Pump or tube packaging would be so much more convenient and sanitary. Oh, and I wouldn't get product stuck under my nails...that's a big pet peeve!
What a great idea! We do usually write all the good stuff about the beauty products. Why not to write about bad things we had to deal or put up with on our way to perfection! :) Perhaps, we could make a black list of the most unwanted beauty products on the market. Here comes one of mine: Chanel Natural Finish Pressed Powder, which is also supposed to have a masking effect. Well, what can I say? I bought it in a brand store. But it does not even hide pores, not to mention that it has nothing to do with "gloss reducing" - which was also on the description list. It is not worth a penny from that sum, believe me. The Manhattan powder I used being a teenager tops it 100%. So, that was my recent top disappointment. Now I set for Guerlain. Hope it will be better, if it is not, please, write it in a comment too. Thank you ;)
I hate it when you get a sample, and there's no directions on how to use the sample on the packet. If it's a mask how long do I leave it on for, etc. It really doesn't make it easy to use for the consumer.
i am very dissappointed in covergirl lipstick. the last six tubes that i have purchased had lipstick that would not stay up in the tube to apply. i still use them as i really like the liostick. i have been buying covergirl for many years. please help me.

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