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Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Kit.

I have read a few reviews about Sue Devitt's Eye Pencils from some of my favorite beauty bloggers, and I am really needing to try them. I just found this product trio at, and I hope they are in stock at one of the many Sephora stores that I plan to visit on my trip to NYC next week.


The set includes two Eye Intensifier Pencils in Kenya, a dark brown and Pointe Noirem which is black, and an Eye Illuminator Pencil in Epernay, a champagne shade.

Please do let me know if you are a user of these eye pencils and if you think I need to get them, as much as I think I want to. 

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At first I wasn't impressed with the Eye Intensifier pencils, but they grew on me. I don't think you need to get brown and black, as those are pretty basic colors that you can get anywhere, but the green and blue shades are awesome, as is the bronze.

I bought this eye pencil trio back in December at the Sephora store in Union Square. Great Purchase! I love these pencils and the 3 colors are just great! In addition the price of the set is a bargain if you compare how much it will cost you to buy the 3 pencils separately. I am sure they probably still have them at the Union Sq. location or the Flatiron/5th Avenue Store. Another location to try is 42nd Street/Grand Central.

I'm thinking I need to try these...they look beautiful. I love your site by the way.

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I am totally a user of the black one and I love it. It is one of the best eye pencils I have ever tried. I am buying this trio for sure.

They are fabulous! I have tried to find great pencils since Prescriptives Beaming eye pencils, saw them demo'd on QVC U.K then ordered the Bangalore (metal Khaki) Wow was I impressed! Having Hazel eyes it was a perfect compliment.It's non-dragging, super soft and blendable,don't get the black... go for the colours!!!

Does anybody know where I can buy this in the UK? I bought my one in January in Harvey Nichols - does any where else sell it? Help....I'm getting low !!! Thank you.

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