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Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Cream.

I love thick, rich body creams. Sometimes, even in the harshest and driest of winters though, a thick cream can be too much, especially during the day. This is why I have become very dependent on various shea butter formulaes. I have found a new body cream, though that has changed my thoughts, my ways, and my skin.

Meet Lancome Nutrix Royal Body Cream. This cream is very similar to a whipped shea butter, though it appears much firmer until you dig your fingers into it.  The smell is strong, at first, but it dries down to a soft, almost powdery, light floral scent.


Nutrix Royal Body Cream is made with Royal Lipideum, which is a patented technology enriched with Royal Jelly that supplements your skin's own natural lipids for intense hydration.

Within just a few days use, my dry patchy knees and elbows are so much softer. I generally use this right in the shower after I turn off the water. I like to rub it into my skin while I am still wet as to get rid of any heavy or thick cream feel. At night, I have even been smoothing this rich cream over my feet, making them look, feel, and evn smell divine.

This wonder cream from Lancome retails for $34.00. If for some reason you are afraid of a thicker cream (which there really isn't a need to be in this case) or generally prefer a lotion, there is also a Nutrix Royal Body Lotion available as well.

Reader Comments (6)

I use the lotion version and love it. The smell is so feminine and like you said almost powdery. It is funny that you said you even use it on your feet, but I think I would too if it didn't cost so much. It is a little high for a foot cream. LOL

I have never tried this, but I think I will.

I came across this cream in New Jersey when I was on holiday fab stuff, can't get it in England for a jar that big we get if for £31.00 for a 50 ml jar, my friends are going to Amercia this year and will be getting me a couple of jars, it is worth every penny and works out about between £17.00 - £18.00 per jar. It does wonders for my skin and I never tried to locate a cream before but it really is wonderful stuff. However don't think much of Lancome who make it tried to get assistance as to where I could get it and didnot get a response.

Angela - Well, I am glad that you can at least get the cream in a smaller size. It is worth it. And good thinking to have your friends pick it up for you when they come back stateside.

Teri - I'm just lucky that I have alot of friends going to Amercia this year!!, I do hope that Lancome will start doing the 7 oz jar in England soon. I am sure that they would be on to a winner.

I was looking at this cream just the other day in the stores and nearly bought it. Dang, should have followed my intuition. I appreciate you wrote this post since I can now buy without feeling guilty. LOL.

By the way, I love your site Teri, looks real neat.

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