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5 Pretty Palettes for the Holidays.

Holiday parties are here. Whether you celebrate with that special someone or your whole office, go from day to night simply with the perfect palette. Plus, these palettes are perfect for travel, as they feature your must-haves that will help you travel a bit lighter. These are my five favorite pretty palettes.



Estee Lauder Limited Edition Eyeshadow Palette - $32.50
This palette is just for the eyes, but the colors are so pretty and universal that I consider them  must-haves in my book.The shades included: Sugar Cube, Roseberry Duo Light & Deep, Mocha Cup, Cinnamon and Mink.

BECCA Cosmetics Showgirl Palette - $65.00
A scintillating confection of glamorous shades for eye, lips, and cheeks, the convenient mirrored palette offers everything needed to get gorgeous on the go.The classic colors come complete with a feminine pink lip gloss, a sultry flushed cheek and lip cream, and a lid, crease and liner combo of shadows to give your eyes a classy showgirl look.

NARS Everlasting Love 15th Anniversary Bold Makeup Palette - $75.00
This very limited edition anniversary palette from NARS featured the perfect dark, dramatic shades for the ultimate smoky eye, paired with a neutral cheek and never naughty nude lip. The eye shades: Edie, Underworld, Underworld, Night Breed. For the cheeks: Orgasm Blush, South Beach Multiple. For lips: Belle du Jour, Chelsea Girls, Promiscuous and Dolce Vita lipsticks.

CHANEL Multi-Use Makeup Palette - $85.00
The perfectly fitted classic palette from no other than CHANEL would do. This palette features must-have colors only found ih this limited edition.For the first time in their palette, there are
two cream concealers and one cream blush. The exclusive colour collection, named 'Paris-New York,' also includes two shades of lipgloss, one cream lip colour, three powder eyeshadows, and applicator brushes.

Laura Mercier Colour Wardrobe - $98.00
The ultimate all-in-one palette, this features essentials you need and want - plus more.
  The two-tiered compact holds 6 Eye Colours, 3 Cheek Colours, 6 Lip Stains and 2 finishing Lip Glazes, along with expert tools for infinite colour combinations that take you from day to night.

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This is natural and valid way of obtaining a more youthful skin for a long period of time while maintaining healthy skin. Products for skin care are free of harmful chemicals in organic and contain no SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), an industrial degreaser that is often found in commercial soaps and shampoos.
Good morning, Teri!

I bought the Chanel and Laura Mercier palettes, and both a very nice.
What does pretty palettes have to do with SLS and organic skincare? I cannot stand spam comments getting in the way of real reader comments. I am hoping Beautiful Makeup Search deletes these, but I thought I should throw in my 2 CENTS!
Thanks for speaking up about spam comments, Carrie. I couldn't agree more. Happy holidays!

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