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Avon ANEW Genics Treatment Concentrate.

Avon just launched their most innovative product to date, the Anew Genics Treatment Concentrate. When I heard that this revolutionary serum helps you look up to 10 years younger, my ears perked up.

Avon ANEW Genics Treatment Concentrate



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Reader Comments (9)

Sounds effective. I have to look into it.
I just ordered this and another serum from Avon. They are really stepping up their game when it comes to anti-aging and skin care.
Hi Lee - Let me know if you decide to pick this concentrate up and what you think of it.
This is great to hear May Anne. I agree that Avon is really putting the research into their products and are launching some really effective skincare products.
$45 is department store pricing. That sort of shocked me. I would try this from Avon if it were maybe under $25, but that's a lot of money from Avon, don't you think?
If only something could really take ten years off the way I look. I think I'll be searching forever.
I love the Anew line. The night cream has changed my skin forever and this might be what I'm looking for to give it a boost. For as much stuff I put on take away the wrinkles, I swear I get new ones everyday.
I've been using this very concentrate at night and in the morning too and I can see a difference overall. I cannot pinpoint what it is exactly, but I really like how it makes my skin feel.
My new fav product! At 49 my skin is in a constant breakout state while also being sensitive with dryness and flakiness, and some lines. After 2 weeks of twice daily use older pimples and the marks they leave are lessening as are my lines. New pimples are less noticeable by morning. This Genics is the only new item added to my regimen so I attribute to that. Wish they would make a cleanser so we could have one complete line.

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