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COVERGIRL LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara.

How many coats of mascara do you normally apply? If you are like me, you probably apply two to three coats. I think that is pretty normal. With every coat applied, I have to be careful of the dreaded clumps. I think we all want luscious, clump-free lashes. Well, this brand new COVERGIRL LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara promises no clumps - up to 30 strokes.

That's not just it. Clump Crusher Mascara also amps up the volume by up to 200%. That's right. This mascara delivers the LashBlast drama you love, with up to 200% more volume and ZERO clumps, even after 30 strokes of the great green wand.

How does it hold up?


COVERGIRL LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara

After 30 strokes of the mascara wand, which is about three coats of mascara, my lashes were noticeably thicker and darker, with no clumps in sight. I'd say this mascara lives up to its' name.

The formula, which almost seems dry, comes very cleanly out of the tube, so all you get is mascara on each lash. The lash-hugging curved brush design, with a straight bristle edge, basically custom fits the brush to the curve of the eye. It is super easy to get right to the base of the roots and concentrate the color right where I want it. Lashes look great all day, with no flaking or smudging, and comes right off easily with my normal eye makeup remover.

Clump Crusher comes in four shades:

  • Very Black
  • Black
  • Black Brown
  • Brown

I used the shade Black in the photos above.

Look for COVERGIRL LashBlast Clump Crusher Mascara at drugstores such as CVS and mass retailers like Target and Walmart, nationwide now. One tube costs about $6.99.

Reader Comments (14)

Looks very promising - can't wait to find it and try for myself!
I saw you on twitter with this and I couldn't' wait to see your thoughts. I use so many coats of mascara and I always end up with clumps on the the third coat. I am tryingggg this ! Yeah baby!
You will love his Katherine! Let me know your thoughts once you try it.
Andi - you will not end up with clumps after three coats of the Clump Crusher mascara, I can promise you that! Let me know your thoughts once you try it.
I looked for this at Walgreen AND at Cvs today and neither stores had it. I know I couldn't miss it - it's got to be on a sdisplay and that green wand is so bright. Maybe it isn't here yet, but I'll keep checking. It looks like a winner. I always battle clumps. I must be using the wrong mascara, but it probably is just me.
Keep checking back, Hailey. It just launched and I'm sure not all of the stores have it yet. I wanted to buy a tube for my daughter and I haven't found it in my two local CVS stores or Target yet either.
I've read about this for a while now and keep hearing great things. I hope it shows up to stores soon, and i can't find it to order online either.
One coat is natural and three coats on you is WHOA! I think I need this one. Cheap too!
I want this! Looks great with no clumps and lot's of coats.
Keep a look out for it Barb. If it is not in your store yet, it will be any day now.
Francesca - this is such a great bargain and wow, right?
It does Elie. Let me know if you pick up Clump Crusher and how you like it too.
By far my all time favorite mascare I am in loveeeee
This is so exciting to hear CassLynn. I am loving this more as I continue to use it myself.

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