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Holiday 2012: Clarins Odyssey Face Palette.

Clarins takes us on an odyssey with their majestic, radiant and luminous makeup collection this holiday season. The festive Odyssey Collection features a star product - this stunning Odyssey Face Palette.

Clarins Odyssey Face Palette

The Odyssey Face Palette is a super soft and a light creamy beige powder. It features a super fine golden pearl that adds subtle, delicate shimmer to light up the skin. It is not only beautiful on the face; it looks gorgeous when dusted lightly over the décolleté for the holidays.

The Odyssey Face Palette is available with the rest of the Clarins Odyssey Collection at Clarins counters and The face palette sells for $55.00.

Clarins Odyssey Face Palette

Clarins Odyssey Face Palette


Reader Comments (3)

Too pretty to use.
Clarins is such a beautiful luxury makeup brand. These compacts are super heavy and always beautiful. Can't wait to see this in person because it looks like my kind of powder.
Ohemgee that is gorgeous!

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