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Holiday 2012: Holiday Skincare Survival Guide.

The holidays are not just bad for the diet (hello Christmas cookies and endless parties), but the season is stressful on your skin too. There are so many hidden triggers that can aggravate skin sensitivities. I'm talking stress, cold temperatures and traveling.

Simple® skincare dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Segal gave me some info on the season's top sensitive skin triggers. Of course she depends on Simple skincare products to correct the sensitivities, so that we can have healthy looking skin well into the new year.

Cold Temperatures
Exposure to cold weather and whipping winds can throw off skin's moistures balance, resulting in chapped, scaling skin.

Dr. Segal says, "Irritated winter skin does not mean abandoning a regular routine. To bring back a healthy glow, seek products that are formulated to gently cleanser and nourish skin. Use a 100% soap-free cleanser like Simple® Moisturizing Facial Wash. It is perfect even for sensitive skin because like all Simple® products, it is free of harsh irritants, dyes or artificial perfumes."

Somewhere between marathon shopping sprees, gearing up for guests and staying out late, stress starts to take over.

Dr. Segal says, "To quickly fix under eye circles, I recommend the Simple® Revitalizing Eye Roll-On. Skin irregularities strike when defenses are down. The secret weapon wakes up tired eyes by instantly cooling and gently massaging the eye area to remove puffiness."

Whether flying first class or coach this season, one thing is always the same - dry recirculated cabin air can deplete skin's natural moisture.

Dr. Segal says, " To make the most of a bade beauty situation and ward off dull, dehydrated skin, get ahead of the game by liberally applying an intense moisturizer before flying and again after landing. Simple® Replenishing Rich Moisturizer keeps skin moisturized for 12 hours and contains skin loving ingredients like glycerin to replenish lost hydration."

Simple® skin care product are available at mass retailers and select drugstores nationwide. For more information an product details, visit

Reader Comments (5)

I think this is a best skin care product for a travel freak like me. I travel a lot and my skin is often vulnerable to changing climatic conditions of different travel destinations. Thanks a lot because now I no more have to travel at the stake of my beauty.
Flying is the worst for my skin. I need to bring a small tube with me on the plane and reapply. Great tips!
I actually love this line of products. I use the wipes and eye roll. Very easy on my senstive skin and cheap too. Like the tips!
I want to try these products. I've seen you write about it a few times and I think it is about time I try them. I am going to look for them this weekend and start the new year off with a new line of skincare.
My skin gets insanely dry in the winter and I'll put these tips to good use. Stress is a killer on my skin, I swear it does.

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