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MAKE UP FOR EVER Uplight for a Beautiful Glow.

I love a little glow here and there to my makeup look. I always like to highlight my cheekbones and the upper arch of my brow bone. It just adds a youthful, fresh look to the face. I tend to shy away from powder products because I have some ugly little lines creeping down on the tops of my cheeks (years of squinting). So when I find a product that highlights but does not accentuate the lines, I am pretty much obsessed.

Obsessed I am with this new highlighter from MAKE UP FOR EVER called Uplight. Not only is it a nice to highlight the cheeks and brow bone, it is easily blend able into foundation, for a subtle, all-over glow. A beautiful glow. And it comes in eight beautiful shades.

Uplight is made of more than 70% water, so it melts easily into the skin and feels fresh and light all day long. Also formulated with nourishing mango butter, it illuminates the skin while adding moisture.

Back to the shades. I have been using Dewy Pink Beige or Pearly Pink Flesh almost everyday. I can't wait to try the rest of them, especially the warm shades for when I am faux tanning my way through the summer.

Uplight is available right now at Sephora, in store and online, for $29.00

Reader Comments (5)

Wow, this looks like an amazing product, can't wait to try it. Great review!
I use a few of the diff hi lighters from Benefit but they are almost too sparkly or hi lighting when I look in a mirror outside. I am looking for a more subtle hi lighter and this one sounds like it might just be the ticket. I did pass by the display at Sephora a few days ago because I never tried anything other than foundation from MUFE before so I look forward to going back and finding one to try. DO you think that the Pear White is brighter than one of the pink colours?
I think the golden copper would be beautiful alone on my brown skin. Going to have to test it out - Sephora here I come.
Thanks for the comment, Cristina. Let me know if you wind up trying them - I really like this highlighter.
JoJo - If you are looking for more of a subtle glow, which it sounds like you might be from what you have been using, I would go with the Pink Beige or the Pink Flesh color. The white would most likely cast the brightest hue.

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