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Makeup Wars: Midnight Rodeo in Battle of the Taupes.

I've joined in with a group of great beauty bloggers for Makeup Wars. Every few weeks, we will post on the same (or similar) product so readers can see a variety of posts, ideas and reviews on the same subject. Fun, right? That's what I thought and it is why I was thrilled to be ask to join in the fun.

This week, we are in a "Battle of the Taupes", with each of us posting about our favorite taupe colored eye shadow. At the end of this post, you can scroll through to see all the Battle of the Taupes posts.

Choosing my favorite taupe shadow was not as easy as I thought it would be. I use a lot of taupe shadows. I like darker, more gray taupes in the cooler months; while I like lighter and pink-y taupes in the warmer months. Not only did I have a lot to choose from, I am always buying more taupe shadows. In fact, I have one of Urban Decay's new Build Your Own Palettes filled with a variety of taupe shadows. One shadow does deserve the title of my favorite and it is Midnight Rodeo.

Midnight Rodeo is a gorgeous taupe shadow that has a bit of silver sparkle to it. It's not overly sparkly as a glitter shadow, but it is more than just your average shimmer shadow.

The taupe looks more rosey or pink on the skin than it looks in the pot.


Like all of Urban Decay's shadows, the formula is very silky and long-lasting.  As I wear it, I don't see any creasing or fading during the day. The secret to Urban Decay's silky formula is their pigment infusion system. This system makes sure the shadow holds tightly onto pigment as it gives the formula its glide and insane color payout. It is also the reason why there is little to no shadow fall out, even when wearing a more sparkly shade like Midnight Rodeo.

Take a look at a few of my other taupe shadows that fill my palette.

top row, left to right: Walk of Shame, Verve, Suspect
bottom row, left to right: Midnight Rodeo, Toasted, Smog

Midnight Rodeo sells for $18 as a single, as do all of Urban Decay's Eyeshadows. To use it in the Build Your Own Palette, just pop the shadow platform out of the original pot and then pop it into the palette. The Build Your Own Palette also sells for $18 and comes with Walk of Shame, the perfect neutral shade for any palette, and a travel-sized Good Karma Shadow Brush.

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Reader Comments (12)

I love your palette of taupes! I'm very tempted to copy it!!! Can't have enough taupe shadow!
WOW! That is a great color but also an amazing palette! I must now purchase Midnight Rodeo. I have a lot of the other colors in various UD palettes but Midnight Rodeo has eluded me! Not any longer. Great Pictures and a Great Post!!
Nice choice! Don't you just love these new UD Build your own palettes? :)
I totally want to build my own UD Taupe Palette right now. I just wish they didn't make you get that same dang shade with every purchase. I already have two! lol
Uh Oh, I think I NEED Midnight Rodeo--I love rosy shades!!
Estee Lauder girl here; Wild Truffle!
I LOVE your amazing taupe-only palette! Midnight Rodeo is absolutely gorgeous.
I haven't seen any of the new UD Build Your Own Palettes yet, but these shades are beautiful! I'd love to see a palette of grays!
I love the silver sparkles in Midnight Rodeo. It's pretty :)
I love your UD palette. I've just started mine so I have room for this shadow now too!!
I need to buy everything you have in that palette. Arg! Sooo pretty!
I don't think there ever could be too much taupes in the beauty world. :)

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