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Makeup Wars: My Favorite Summer Manicure.

My summer manicures are always bright, but they almost always have another thing in common too - they're pink. I love pink. It works with my skin tone and it looks great on my nails. L'Oréal Paris is launching a summer collection called Colour Me Pink next month, and all of the products are in pink tones. It's as if it were made for me.

L'Oréal Paris Colour Me Pink Nail Color | Beautiful Makeup Search

The nail colors:

  • Berry Jealous!
  • Sugary Sweet
  • Taste of Romance
  • Pink Attitude
  • Rosy Macaron
  • Hella Pink

I selected two of the shades for my summer manicure so I could have an accent nail, with a bit of a design. I used Pink Attitude as the base and accented it with Sugary Sweet on my ring finger. Pink Attitude is a beautiful, creamy geranium pink-red shade; Sugary Sweet is a sheer, light pink with a subtle shimmer that is only really visible in bright light.

L'Oréal Paris Pink Attitude and Sugary Sweet | Beautiful Makeup Search

First, I applied two coats of Pink Attitude. After they were dry, I taped off (using band aids because I am such a novice and never thought of using tape, which would have given me a much more clean edge) a vertical line on my ring finger, and applied three coats of Sugary Sweet. I left that on for about 30 minutes before I removed the guides. Finally, I took a little self adhesive crystal that I had left from a craft project, and placed that on my nail with tweezers. I finished with top coat.

L'Oréal Paris Nail Art Tutorial | Beautiful Makeup Search

My summer manicure:

L'Oréal Paris Nail Art | Beautiful Makeup Search

Be sure to check out all the summer manicures that my beauty friends created.

Reader Comments (33)

Oooh. I like what you did there with the pink stripe and little rhinestone! It looks as if the stone is casting a light along the nail. I'm going to have to try that out some time! :-)
I love the collection because PINK is the best color ever! How did you only pick two?! haha
You can never go wrong with Pinks! That melon-y coral shade is one of my tops for Summer, too!
I love that color !
I love pink and will be looking for these colors. Now if I could only try a little bit of nail art myself. It's too complicated for me, lol.
Pink Sith - thanks for the compliment; it's about as much as I could come up with for nail art.
Eugenia - I do love pink, even more so in the summer.
Brooke - NEVER go wrong with pinks - I totally agree.
Thanks Kelly!
Lily - I am so lacking int he nail art department, it's not even funny. I wish I had the skills that some of the nail art gals do.
I wondered if you'd use this pretty! Love that rhinestone accent--great job!
Nancy - you know me and my pinks! Thanks for the compliment.
You can never have enough pink!
Perilously Pale - Never. Pink is my favorite color.
So fancy! Love the gem.
Very pretty!
Phyrra - Thanks! I wish I were more creative.
What a gorgeous assortment of polishes! Of course, I am a pick lover! :) L'Oreal makes really great polish! :)
Hi - I really like your manicure. I think that would look great with a bold color down the middle too. Like a neon green!
Pretty and creative!
I am totally impressed. What a great mani. I want to steal that.
I want to do nail art. I'm addicted to your board of nails on Pinterest.
Pammy - I'm happy to hear I have another pink polish fan. I sometimes feel it is too boring or unoriginal, but I just love it.
Kim - I like that idea.
Cindy - Thanks, though I wish I were more creative. I'm definitely lacking in that department.

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