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Makeup Wars: My Must Have Hair Tools.

I am obsessed with a great blowout. If I could have a professional blowout everyday, I would be one happy gal - with great hair. Seriously? Don't you feel better when you're rocking a beautiful bouncy blowout? Luckily, I have learned to do my own blowout at home. The key to the perfect blowout is the right tools and products.

For products, I like a product that initially smoothes my hair, as in defrizz and seals the cuticle to prevent it from fizzing in the first place. I use the original Moroccanoil Treatment for that. I also like a volumizing mousse, because I like a lot of volume and need the extra hold it gives. My current mousse of choice is Dove Nourishing Curls Whipped Cream Mousse. Finally, I need a hairspray to hold my style in place, and I only use L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray (unscented) for this finishing touch.

For tools, I need a great hair dryer and brush. The best hair dryer I have ever tried is from the famed blow dry bar, Drybar. They only do blowouts, so I trust that their tools are the best.

Must Have Hair Tools and How to Get the Perfect DIY Blowout

I use the bright yellow Buttercup Blow Dryer. This professional hair dryer has a powerful 1875 watts of power that is surprisingly quiet. It delivers a powerful airflow while being gentle on hair. It has three temperature settings, two speed settings, a self-locking Cool Shot button, and a narrow concentrator for fast styling. It is super lightweight, so my arms never get tired. My hair is dry faster with this dryer than any I have ever tested as well.

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Along with the dryer, I depend on the Full Pint Medium Round Brush. This helps to smooth my hair while adding in big soft curls.

To aid in drying my hair in sections, I use the Drybars Hold Me Clips. These have a self-locking system that allows for large sectioning. They grip the hair gently, so I never experience pulling.

To do a great blowout at home, work in small sections. This is where the clips are essential. I usually work with seven or eight sections, but only clip off four sections at a time, on each side of my head. I dry each section at a time. I hold my hair taut with the brush making sure I point the dryer nozzle down toward the hair to seal in the cuticle. Once the section is dried, I wrap the ends around the round brush and again, pointing the nozzle down, add extra heat to the the section I am curling for about 10 seconds and then hit the cool button for about 30 seconds to lock in the curl. I move to the next section until my hair is completely dry. After all the clips are out, I curl back a few of the pieces that need more curl, again using the round brush and a quick heat/cool blow. When finished, I usually flip my head over and spray with my favorite hair spray and then flip back upright. I then just use my hands to separate some pieces and then make sure every hair is in place before I give it another mist of hairspray.

This is me after about a ten minute DIY blow out session with the Buttercup, Full Pint Brush and Hair Clips.

The hair dryer and clips can be purchased from QVC in their Drybar Blowout In-a-Box kit for $169.00. It also contains two different nozzles and an extra filter.

The Full Pint Medium Round Brush can be purchased at Sephora for $40.00.

Check out my Makeup Wars blogger friends to see their must have hair tools.

Reader Comments (24)

Your hair looks amazing, like salon perfect!! So jealous!
I'm always so jealous of how perfect your hair looks. I wish I could get those kind of results in only 10 minutes. Gorg!
Your hair looks perfect!
Those are expensive hair tools but the result is fantastic. I'm going to try and section. I know I need a blow dryer with a cool shot and I should probably invest in a better brush. The ones at the salon are always so expensive.
Eugenia - Thanks so much for the compliment. It has taken me years of practice.
All Lacquered Up - you're too sweet - thanks! I should have mentioned that I actually don't blow-dry until my hair is about 70% dry. I let my hair air dry for a good half hour or so first.
Phyrra - thanks so much for the compliment!
Sean - You can definitely pick up more affordable tools at a beauty supply store.
I was wondering about that hairdryer. I'll soon be in the market for a new one and this sounds great. I love your hair and always have admired it. I'm glad you showed how you do it.
Morocconoil is the best product I've tried for years
Your hair is beautiful Teri. I wish I could give myself a natural blow dry.
Your hair looks beautiful, I need that hairdryer!
Your hair looks beautiful, I need that hairdryer!
You have mad blow dry skills!
Your hair looks fantastic!!!I've been curious about the Drybar products!!
WOW Your hair looks gorgeous... like you just got it professionally styled. I've never heard of Drybar, I need to check these out!
Gorgeous hair! The products sound great too. I need a new hair dryer but I don't think I could swing that.
Very nice and smooth blow out! :)
HI Teri, Your hair does look great!! What products do you typically put in your hair prior to drying? Any chance we can get a video tutorial?!?
gorgeous picture!
I love all the yellow! My dryer is a boring black, lol!.
Thanks for all the comments ladies!
Lisa - I only use the products I specified above, the Moroccanoil Treatment and Dove Mousse. The combo seems to work for me. Someday I may brave a tutorial.
The hair dryer itself has good features which won't regret our decision to purchase it. Thank you for sharing some valuable tips about hair drying. Keep sharing more information like this.

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