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RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Photos & Swatches.

The response to the US launch of the RiRi Hearts MAC Summer collection was incredible. I heard from so many who tried to get into the MAC website and order for hours. You are a patient bunch! Congratulations to those of you who got to order what you wanted.

I received all of the products in the RiRi Hearts MAC Summer collection yesterday and just have to show them off.

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Photos & Swatches | Beautiful Makeup Search

RiRI Hearts MAC Summer Hibiscus Kiss CoolHibiscus Kiss Cool

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer LipsticksRiRI Hearts MAC Lipsticks

RiRi Hearts MAC Lustre DropsRiRi Hearts MAC Lustre Drops

The Hibiscus Kiss Cool Powder Blush Duo and the Barbados Girl Lustre Drops are showing as sold out right now, but it looks like you can still get in and order the lipsticks. MAC often re-stocks items, so hopefully they will and more products will be available soon. Check back online at

MAC Lipstick RiRi WooMAC Lipstick RiRi Woo

MAC Lipstick HeauxMAC Lipstick Heaux

MAC Lipstick RiRi BoyMAC Lipstick RiRi Boy

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Photos & SwatchesRiRi Woo, Heaux, RiRi Boy

RiRi Hearts MAC Summer Photos & SwatchesPowder Blush Duo, Lustre Drops

Reader Comments (12)

I don't even know what to do. I want these so bad and I got a notice that my order did not go through. I should probably start looking on ebay and be ready to pay. I want that bronzer/blush duo so bad it isn't even funny!
I actually got Hibiscus Kiss and it shipped yesterday.... took two hours to order! I'll be happy when it arrives ;) The lippies look awesome, I wish I'd have grabbed up the other two to go with Riri Woo!
You won't believe this, but I actually had it marked on my calendar to buy on Wednesday at noon and it was Tuesday. I can' believe I missed it. I do have RiRi Woo from when that launched but it isn't enough. I really want the rest of it. Thank you for the awesome pictures!!!
Pamela - Oh no! I hope they restock it. It is such a beautiful bronzer/blush.
Brooke - You are one of the lucky ones! You'll be so happy with it. I'm meh about the lipsticks, but really only because I'm not a fan of the matte formula. As long as I use gloss, I'm good.
Ashlee - Oh no! I feel your pain. Hopefully they'll restock and you can grab what you want.
I got my order in and I just had to order it all. Should have it tomorrow and I'll be wearing it this weekend.
I'm so frustrated that I couldn't place an order.
I would really like to try the bronzer/blush but I'm not waiting for it.
Valeria - So glad you were able to get your order in. You'll really like the products!
Ro - I'm sorry to hear that. It seems like the site went crazy with so many people trying to order at once.
Cindy - I hear ya. I'd like to say that I haven't waited online to buy things before, but I have.

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