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Summer-proof Your Makeup.

It's hot. Makeup melts. Not just in your car, it can melt on your face. Let's face it, that is not pretty. It takes a few extra steps to make sure makeup lasts all day, especially in the summer with the hot temperatures. To summer-proof my makeup, I use makeup primers. Not just on my face. I also use a primer for my eyes and my lips.

My summer time makeup primers.

Make it Last: The Best Makeup Primers

Face Primer

NARS Pore Refining Primer - $34.00
This oil-free makeup primer does not have the "normal" silicone feel of a primer to it. It feels like a light moisturizer that melts (this is when melting is good) into my skin. It instantly diminishes lines and pores as it perfects the way my makeup look. It also extends the wear and has my my makeup looking great as the day goes on.

Eye Primer

Too Faced Lemon Drop Shadow Insurance - $20.00
The brand's best-selling eyelid primer has been infused with a perfect lemon-yellow tone to neutralize redness as it helps eye makeup last. A tiny dab of this lightweight primer spreads over eyelids quick and easily as it sets shadow and keeps it in place for endless summer days and nights.

Lip Primer

BITE Beauty Line & Define Lip Primer - $22.00
This multi-tasking lip goodie adds staying power for a long-lasting, smudge-resistant pout. The translucent, natural base primes and conditions lips with a mint-flavored, cooling base to help lip color stay in place. The silky, weightless formula is made with jojoba and argan oil to naturally nourish lips too, so color is naturally retained longer too.

Reader Comments (8)

I have the ugliest dark eyelids and like shadow insurance but never saw the lemon shade before. I'll be trying this one. I already know how it makes my shadows stay on better, but the color could probably help diminish my coloring a bit and make it easier for me to wear eye makeup.
Loooove the Nars primer. I like that is feels like lotion on my skin and does not have that sticky, icky, thick silicone waxy feel. It s really good. I use that on my eyes and lips to to do the tick, though I probably need more for my lips. Never heard of Bite Beauty.
Great ideas Teri!! I need to try something because makeup keeps smeraring off my face in this heat.
Lea - If you already like Shadow Insurance and want to help with the darkness of your lids, you really need to try the Lemon shade.
Dina - The NARS primer is my go to. I'm happy to hear that it works well for you too. BITE Beauty is at Sephora. Check it out next time you are shopping.
Lori - You need to use primer, especially in the summer if nothing else. It will help -- I promise!
I've never tried the NARS primer, but the best eye shadow primer on the market is Lime Crime's Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper. It makes any makeup you wear sweat-proof, smudge-proof, and water-proof, and can be layered under other primers, which is perfect for people who, like myself, have ultra oily eyelids.
YoKasta - I've never tried that, but I'm glad to hear that it works well for you!

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