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The Eye Makeup Essential: Q-Tips® Precision Tips®.

There are plenty of things I use day in and day out when applying my makeup. One such item that is actually pretty new to my routine is super handy, and I know you will agree once you try it yourself. I am talking about the new Q-Tips® Precision Tips® Cotton Swabs.

Q-Tips Precision Tips Cotton Swabs

We all know handy a cotton swab is, but these new cotton swabs with the new Precision Tips® are even more handy. The tapered tip helps get closer to the eye to really become an essential tool.

Q-Tips Precision Tips Cotton Swabs

Here are a few ways I am using my new Q-Tips® Precision Tips® on my eyes.

Eye Liner Blending
I like to soften up and smoke out my liner, especially underneath my eye. After using an eye liner pencil, I use the tip to soften and blend the liner. If I really want to soften the look, I dip the tip into a light shadow of eye shadow to soften and smudge at the same time.

Eye Shadow Crease Brush
Yes, I the Precision Tips® like a crease brush to create a dark crease shade on my lid. The tips make it simple and easy to add a dark shade right into the eye crease, and is often easier to handle than a long brush.

Remove Eye Makeup
Of course, I am not only using the Q-Tips® Precision Tips® in helping apply my makeup, these beauties are essential when removing eye makeup too. No matter how careful I am to remove all of my eye makeup, there always seems to be a small amount of liner left over underneath my eye. I usually still have enough of my eye makeup remover cleanser still on the eye, so a simple swipe of the tip removes every last trace for me.

Look for the new Q-Tips® Precision Tips® Cotton Swabs at your grocery, drug, or mass retail store now. A box sells for $3.50 or less.

Reader Comments (7)

I don`t if tips are esential for make-up. In the market offer is big!
Cool - they look handy!
I think that Q-Tips are the best thing to apply an eye shadow crease. I used to just use my finger, but use them. I bet this new design would to.
What a great idea-- I will have to pick some of these up next time I go to CVS!!
These are very handy ladies. I'm glad you think they are as unique as I think so too. Thanks for all the comments!
These look ideal! I would love a flattened round tip on one end and the pointed tip on the other. This would be a dream for eye make up.
That would be ideal, Amy! It would look like a shadow and liner brush in one - but disposable. I say you send in your request to the brand!

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