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The Ultimate Sunscreen: Kiehl's Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+.

I know how important sunscreen is, and I hate that I neglected using it in the past. One of the reasons why I did so was because most sunscreen irritate my skin. Or, the ones that did not irritate would not last and only be available in a low SPF grade. For this reason, I would just depend on the sunscreen in my makeup or moisturizer and don a large hat and wide brimmed sunglasses. Let me just say that while I did keep from getting burned, I ultimately paid with the hyperpigmentation and sun damage that I am constantly dealing with now.

Enter 2010 and Kiehl's. My ears perked up when I heard SPF of 50+ and lightweight. Not to mention fragrance and oil free along with water resistant. Could it be that I finally found a sunscreen that I could use? On my face even? The answer is a resounding Yes!

Let me introduce you to the ultimate sunscreen, Kiehl's Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+. This, my friends, has been life changing for me.

The fluid is just that - a fluid. It reminds me a lot of the Clarins Face Milk Self-Tanners that I have used in the past. Just a little bit will spread out evenly on the face and neck. It does not smell. It does not burn. It does not sting. It does not clog my pores. It does not make my skin feel anymore sensitive than it already it is. What does it do? It protects me from the UVA & UVB Rays from the sun. just like it is supposed to. All I have to do is shake the bottle and apply it to my face and neck.  Let's take a look at what is in it and why it works so perfectly.

The formula features an advanced filtering system featuring five photostablized active sunscreens (patented photostabilized technology) that work synergistically to provide long-lasting protection. To create this ultra lightweight texture with powerful sun protection, Kiehl’s chemists utilized a unique “shaka shaka” technology.   Technically, the formula is not homogeneous, but when shaken, the energy activated emulsifiers combine the ingredients temporarily so just the right amount of its protective ingredients are applied to the skin, ensuring long-lasting, high, broad-spectrum protection.

This sunscreen is longer lasting and significantly more efficacious than non-photostable UV systems after reapplication because it remains effective and maintains its high level of UVA protection longer. The dual-protection lotion helps to prevent sunburn from UVB and provides protection from the aging UVA rays that may contribute to skin damage and premature skin aging (appearance of wrinkles, uneven texture and tone, breakdown of collagen and elastin, hyperpigmentation spots).

Kiehl's Super Fluid UV Defense is available right now at Kiehl's stores, online at and wherever Kiehl's is sold. The 1.7 oz. bottle costs $32.00 and will last a very long time. I am guessing a good six months with daily face and neck usage, though I do plan to use it all over my body when at the beach and pool. 

*Press sample of the product featured was provided by brand or brand representative for editorial consideration.

Key Formula Benefits:

·       Efficacy:

ü  Exclusive patented photostabilizing technology **

ü  Powerful, long-lasting*** broad-spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreen protection

ü  Dermatologist Tested, Non-Comedogenic, Fragrance Free, Oil Free

ü  Tested on sensitive skin

·       Formula/Texture:

ü  Water-resistant

ü  Absorbs quickly and easily into the skin

ü  Doesn’t clog pores

ü  Ultra matte finish due to light mineral powder

ü  Can easily be layered with any daily skincare/cosmetic routine

·       Anti-aging:

ü  Helps protects from the aging UVA rays that can contribute to skin damage and premature skin aging

ü  Help prevents sunburn caused by UVB rays

Reader Comments (2)

Like you I'm always looking for a sunscreen that will be lightweight and won't clog my pores. Thank you for the update on this one. I will have to give it a try.
I remember vaguely having a liquid sunscreen like this in a little round bottle I could have sworn it was Origins. If Origins did have something like this they don't anymore. Liquid sunscreen is AWESOME. I have a sunspot on my cheek and no amount of picking at it will make it go away. I used anti-age stuff and without sunscreen that's a BAD combination. So now I bought this brand hope its just like the other I had. The sun is really harsh for pale skinned people man I gotta tell yah. I always thought I could buy more liquid sunscreen in the future but its really hard to find! and the cream stuff.. lets face it, its too heavy and horrible for your skin and to use it.. gah its like do I want healthy skin with zits.. or do I want zit free skin with sunspots??

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