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Top 10 Makeup Brushes.

Makeup brushes are an essential tool in your makeup routine. A good makeup brush can change the look of your makeup for the better or worse. You can have the best makeup but an inferior makeup brush and all sorts of "wrong" can happen. Trust me on this. Most of my makeup brushes are on the more expensive side (I do have a $1 makeup brush that I use everyday as you'll see below) and are of professional quality. They will last for years and offer superior, professional results that I depend on. I have tested and tried probably hundreds of makeup brushes over the years. While I have dozens of them on my vanity, selecting my top ten makeup brushes was not that hard; I use the same makeup brushes over and over each day. These are my favorite makeup brushes.

Top 10 makeup brushes as rated by top beauty bloggers.

1. bareMinerals Precision Face Brush - $28.00
I like this brush for applying powder and powder foundation. It ensures precise, even buildable finish no matter what type of powder loose or pressed.

2. Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush - $25.00
This brush is great for liquid and cream foundations. It gives my face an even, natural and airbrushed look that I love.

3. IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Dual Foundation/Concealer Brush - $48.00
Though this is meant to be a foundation brush, I use this for my blush. I just love the way it helps me to achieve that airbrushed look on my cheeks.

4. tarte The Slenderizer Bamboo Contour Brush - $28.00
This brush is amazing for precise application of contour and bronzer. I use the smaller stiff end for contour and then blend it out with the thicker end.

5. e.l.f. Essential Smudge Brush - $1.00
This bargain brush is amazing for blending out a crease and applying a shadow liner. I can't believe how much I like it for only a buck!

6. Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 Large Synthetic Duo Brow Brush - $18.00
This duo sided brush grooms brows and is great for applying brow wax, shadows, gels and creams with the other end. The stiff angle makes getting product into brows evenly.

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7. MAC Duo Fiber Face Brush - $42.00
This brush is good for so many things. I have used it with cream and liquid products, but I use it most often with powders to set makeup. It is great for invisible HD powders.

8. MAC 239 Eye Shading Brush - $25.00
This is my favorite standard eye shading brush.

9. MAC 213 Fluff Brush - $24.00
I like this brush for blending my entire eye makeup look when finished applying all of my eye makeup.

10. MAC 275 Medium Angled Shading Brush - $25.00
This brush is perfect for getting into the crease and outer corner of the lid. It helps to blend just the perfect amount of shadow each time.

See what other beauty bloggers rate as their top 10 best makeup brushes.


Reader Comments (16)

Why no Sigma? I haven't come across one blogger who doesn't wax poetic about the F80! I own that one plus #'s 2,3, and 5. Thanks for the idea's of other brushes to try.
I hear so much about that Urban Decay Good Karma brush. I def need to give it a go!
Great suggestions and I think I am going to get the Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush. I have also read a lot of great things as well. I really want something that will do liquid, creams and powder.
Lisa - I have only tried a few Sigma brushes and honestly never loved them enough to keep them in my rotation. I felt they were dupes of other favorites. Maybe I didn't try the right ones. :) I am glad you found brushes that work so well for you.

Brooke - I can't believe you haven't tried the UD Optical Blurring Brush.

Dylan - Yes, you do need to try the UD Optical Blurring Brush. I love that it can be used with any type of product.
I love that UD brush! I use the same brushes over and over again too
I must try that tarte contour brush! The shape looks amazing!
Great choices. I can't be without my MAC 239, 217 and the UD blurring brush.
I love my MAC 239 Brush!
I agree about the MAC Cosmetics 239 brush. I own so many of them and always buy those limited edition sets and love it with the short handle - it is easier to control, do you have that one? I wish those were able to buy all the time!
Yay for the MAC 187!
I have to check into that UD brush! And all the MAC brushes you picked are solid--I think I have most of them, too.
I will be adding a few of these brushes to my Sephora F&F sale list!
I swear, that ELF smudge brush is amazing! The NARS one is just a little stiffer, so it works better for me with liners, the ELF seems to be a little too flexible for that. I fully admit that when looking at brushes, I pretty much only check out smudges and I ignore everything else!
Great pics. I have the MAC 213 and didn't use it for the longest time. Now I always use it for my brow bone shadow application.
I love the MAC 217 for blending. I even have three of them. But now I have some new brushes to add to my shopping list. That ELF brush sounds fab for a $1.
Thanks for sharing. Hope I have these MAC brushes on my bag.

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