TurboLash - for the Most Lash-tastic Lashes EVER!

My sister stopped over earlier today and my mouth hung open in awe. She barely had to ask, "You noticed my lashes, didn't you?". She has barely had visible lashes before. Now, she was sporting what I like to call Lash-tastic lashes. Lashes so full, thick, long, free of clumps, full of volume. Like the best pair of false eyelashes one could ever imagine. And Cindi was wearing them - though these were her own lashes. Lashes courtesy of Estee Lauders' TurboLash.

Yes, I was skeptical, afraid to try them. I even named moving mascaras' as a big blunder in the beauty industry last year. But I did not try them. I was afraid. Until now. I want Lash-tastic lashes in one fell swoop - a quick and easy coat of mascara.

I will be heading to my Estee Lauder counter first thing in the morning to scoop up my own tube. I will be back with pictures!!!

Have you experienced TurboLash yet? What did you think?