A Smile Booster from Talika.

When I first look at someone I notice their eyes, then their smile. A smile can tell a lot about a person, don't you think? Making your smile looks its best and brightest takes some work, especially as we, ahem, grow older. This handy little product from Talika boosts the appearance of your smile by smoothing out lips and whitening teeth.  Meet Talika Smile & Kiss.

Smile & Kiss ($35.00)  is a 2 in 1 treatment for the beauty of your smile. One action is for the lips giving colorless volumizing care. The second action is for the teeth giving whitening care.

Notice the two sides to the wand. Let's take a look at each side and what the active ingredients do.


  • Biological cinnamon essential oil – stimulates and firms
  • Root of Ginger extract – activates the micro-circulation
  • Peptides – increases the lips volume
  • Sea collagen – moisturizes, fills the wrinkles and plumps the lips
  • Black pepper oily extract – stimulates the tonicity of the blood circulatory system
  • Jojoba and Avocado oils – restores and protects against external factors; helps with hydration of the upper layers of the skin


  • Hydrogen peroxide –  whitens the teeth and removes external and internal spots
  • Sorbitol – whitening properties
  • Mint and lemon essential oils– breath freshener

I've kept Smile & Kiss in my purse for a few weeks now and I almost feel like I am becoming addicted. As per the instructions, I have been applying the lip side at least three times a day. Instantly my lips feel more plump, but soft and smooth. After eating, I apply the teeth whitening formula to my teeth and I have noticed my teeth becoming brighter. The only problem with being on the go is that after applying the tooth whitener, you have to rinse, so plan accordingly. This lip wand does what it says; whitens and brightens my smile.