Benefit says Watt's Up!

The fun quirky names and adorable packaging of Benefit Cosmetics products get me every time.  This season, Benefit says Watt's Up! ($30), and I am intrigued again as Benefit wants to turn up the heat with their newest highlighting product.

Watt's Up! is a beautiful highlighter that comes in stick form. Much different from hard to spread and chunky formulas in the past, this creamy champagne colored cream to powder formula glides on like a breath of fresh air.

Not only does the shade add a touch of glow to cheekbones, where I apply, it does so in a way that it creates a soft focus effect. This means that I am glowing while not showing off any of my finer lines.  Watt's Up! blurs my wrinkles as I blend the highlighter in with the special soft glow blender sponge - notice that enclosed beneath the cap on the bottom.

Apply Watt's Up! wherever you want a soft glow. Not only can you apply this to the tops of your cheekbones for a younger, soft glow look, think of using it on your brow bone for eyes that look more awake and glow in perfection.

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