Skindinavia Makeup Setting Sprays.

Do you ever look in the mirror a few hours after applying your makeup to only wonder where it has gone? I do, especially when I am spending time outside.

Now, I know that some people can not wear makeup primers. While I am huge advocate for them, I realize it is not a possibility, and sometimes time does not allow for that extra step of prep. Imagine, misting your face after apply your makeup to get the same result. Well, an almost better result? It is possible, with Skindinavia.

Skindinavia only does makeup finishes. Yes - that is all they do. They have put a lot of time, research and development into making these finishes work, and for many different types of skin and necessity. Sounds simple, right? Well, it is. They have done the work, all you have to do is find the right makeup finishing product and mist over your face, and voila. Your makeup will withstand the test of time and then some.

You will not believe how amazing these are, until you try one for yourself. Really! After misting 2 or 3 mists of this finish, my makeup is set, and it stays that way all day.

The setting sprays are available in three sizes 2oz $19.00, 4oz $29.00 and 8oz $39.00 in the following formulas:

The Originial Makeup Finishing Spray - For normal and combination skin, this formula helps stop makeup meltdown in the summer and drying out in the winter.  This helps to hold eye shadow, blush, foundation and concealer perfectly.  The finish is smooth and translucent.

No More Shine Makeup Finish -This spray, intended for oily and combination skin types, extends makeup slippage on the t- zone and eye areas. No blotting or pressed powder is needed as this finish does the job eliminating the need for those.

10 Years Younger Makeup Finish - Intended for more mature skins, this finish helps prevent slipping into pores of fine lines.  The finish holds moisture in the skin and locks it in so skin is kept dewy looking through the day.

Moisture Lock Makeup Finish - For the driest of skins, this spray helps lock in hydration while keeping makeup from settling into dry areas or looking ashy. This spray helps prevent all creasing or caking - it's great for using over mineral powders too.

Bridal Makeup Finish - Think of this as an extra-strength formula for the longest lasting hold.  Designed for special events and photography, no shine will come through.  This formula even locks in makeup making it resistant to tears and sweat.

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