Never Fake It with NARS NEW Climax Volumizing Mascara

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When it comes to mascara, I am picky. I think we all have a right to be choosy. There is no reason to settle for smudging, clumps or anything delivering less than spectacular results.

NARS seriously upped the mascara game when they launched Audacious Mascara (read my review here) and this was a game-changer for me; it's still one of my faves and I buy it often. When I was sent the new Climax Mascara to try, I was excited, yet apprehensive. Was it going to live up to my expectations and was Climax going to be that much better than Audacious?

In a quick answer, yes!

Climax Mascara is a really great mascara and it blew me away. It delivers a ton of volume, yet buildable — you are in control, where Audacious is more volume right out of the tube. With Climax you get not only buildable volume, but you get separation and length via a unique ribbed brush. 

NARS Climax Volumizing Mascara
NARS Climax Volumizing Mascara
NARS Climax Volumizing Mascara
NARS Climax Volumizing Mascara Close-Up
NARS Climax Volumizing Mascara Brush
NARS Climax Volumizing Mascara Closed Tube in Hand
NARS Climax Volumizing Mascara

The formula is creamy (it claims to be whipped, but I don't know that to be any different from others) but I must say that it is super lightweight. No matter how many coats I load up onto my lashes, it does not feel like I am wearing a ton of mascara. My lower lashes were immediately super long, separated and thick. I could layer Climax on, to get a really even, lash look. This look never smudged or clumped up no matter how much I layered on.

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In case you were wondering, as I've mentioned it a lot, yes, I wear eyelash extensions. I do wear mascara on my lower lashes and for that reason, I still have the right to be very choosy and I still have to right to test mascara.

My daughter and partner on the blog Caci, has naturally, long and thick, blacker than black lashes and is even pickier than I am about mascara. Caci has less than a handful of mascaras that she loves and she tested Climax for me on her lashes as well. If she wasn't totally swamped in her real-life job she would have written this review, but here are a few of her thoughts.

  • Tons of volume
  • NO flaking, smudging or clumping
  • I applied five or six layers, pretty quickly on top of each other and experienced no clumping whatsoever
  • My lashes are full of volume with a slight curl
  • Super black color
  • Very lightweight

NARS Climax Mascara comes in one Explicit Black shade and it sells for $24. You can't miss the big, beautiful red tube.

Buy Climax Mascara now at NARS counters,, Sephora, and ULTA.


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