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Another Mineral Makeup.

Another Mineral Makeup line - this one from Neutrogena.

neutrogena_sheers.jpgMineral Sheers foundation is similar to other powder mineral foundations. Neutrogena says that dermatologists select these minerals - I am not sure if that really makes them better minerals. I mean, they all have to be similar - don't they? Anyway, it is oil-free and fragrance-free, and the foundation comes in 4 shades plus a bronzer.

I like the applicator. It is larger than one that you usually get in a pump-up brush. To use, you simply slide the clear band down to release the brush and powder, turn the brush over and shake it a few times until you see the powder on the brush.

The powder is nice feeling, and not as matte as I find some of the BE shades. I think it looks more natural. Neutral to Medium is my perfect shade, but I love the bronzer the best, and it has found a permanent place in my makeup bag. It looks very natural swept across my cheeks and nose.

Neutrogena also came out with Mineral Sheers for eyes. The shades are very nice, and come in 6 duos. They are all very natural and pretty. I especially like Shell - and have been using the colors blended together all over my eyes for a natural, every day look. Pretty, pretty, pretty! They don't crease, and look fresh even at the end of the day.

If you haven't tried a mineral foundation yet and are looking for a less costly alternative than the major mineral brands, I suggest you give this a try. The Mineral Sheers Foundation retails for $11.99 and the Mineral Sheers for Eyes is just $7.99.

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Great post! I don't know much about powder minerals and the doctors the recommend them but, I do use the Norwegian Formula Age Shield hand Cream by Neutrogena. If you want to keep your hands looking younger and moisturized it works pretty well. I don't know if any doctors recommend it or not? All I know is it helps to shield your skin from UVA rays that can cause premature signs of aging and sun spots and I found an online coupon for a 2oz. tube. You can print it out here:

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