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More GlowFusion.

I do not even know if I should address this product or not. 


Fusion Beauty's GlowFusion Airglow for $175.  The refills are $62. Gosh, that is a lot for a tan.

Honestly, this doesn't look much different than the Salon Bronze spray gun that I have seen on TV.

With so many comments on the GlowFusion product last summer, I am anxious to hear your thoughts on this.

Will I run out and purchase? No. Would I give it a try given the opportunity? Heck, yeah. But, where could you apply this? In the shower, and hope to dry right away and clean the shower? Or go outside and spray it and hope that the neighbors don't see? I imagine it will get all over the place when spraying.

Thoughts, anyone???


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Reader Comments (8)

i think it is just another over hyped and over priced product from beauty fusion. i have tried some of the products and have returned them all because the quality is not there for the hi prices.
I agree. I will not buy ANY products from this company. They are over priced and over hyped without the results. I work in sales and call on Plastic Surgeons for a living. When showing a new product to these guys, the first question they ask is 'Where is the clinical data to back up the claims of anti-aging, etc --so, that is the kind of girl I AM.
Show me the data to back up the extraordinary prices this company comes up with.
oooh nooo not another one. i am not a fan of fusion beauty
Yes - the other commenters are right. Over Hyped & WAY Over Priced!
This must be very messy to spray on. I would not want it sprayed all over my carpet and walls. Seems a lot would go to waste. For that price, it is not worth it.
Even though I'm the world's craziest beauty junkie...I'm definetly not shelling out the money for this product (but I have to admit I'd like to try it). It seems that everyone agrees it is way to expensive for what it is....that being said, maybe it will end up at the local ross/marshalls/tj maxx with the rest of the graveyard products!!!
girls... give it a try... after seeing lindsay lohan spraying herself with one i bought it not even realizing how much it was... but it is so fine (the mist that is) and the color is great and even and it smells like a pina colada. spending 25 per visit at mystic tan i figured i would try it and so glad i did...being able to be at home etc. i love it so far!
i totally agree with lele. the mist is not only much finer than mystic tan, you can control the level of tan you get. i came out of mystic tan orange, nauseaus from the fumes and $35 lighter. so, there are many reasons why i would love to stay a loyal consumer of AirGlow if... only my spray gun would work!! 1 month (and some 6 sprayings) later, it completely lost suction. i've maintined it to a "t", following the instructions for using, cleaning, and recharging. now it's blowing out air but not pulling the liquid at all. $175 - no problem for quality. but, houston, we have a problem!

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