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A Moment of Silence for Boston.

By Sswonk [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

This is a sign I see often as I drive into Boston. Today, the city of Boston and the people of Boston are in my thoughts.

The Boston Marathon bombing tragedy struck very close to home for me. I live about an hour outside of Boston and knew too many people in Boston yesterday. Some friends ran the Boston Marathon, others were there cheering on the runners (a large group from my town runs the marathon), some were at the Red Sox game, and others were in Boston just sightseeing on a beautiful spring day during school vacation. It was hard getting in touch with family and friends, but those that I care about are safe. I pray for those that are not and their loved ones.

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I didn't know you were in Massachusetts! I am a long time reader and live on the Cape. What a scary day yesterday was. I had a lot of friends running as well and I am still waiting to hear from some of them. It is indeed to close to home.
I am so sorry that this happened and that any of us have to live in a world where this is possible. I just know how resilient we as Americans are and can and will overcome.
the fact that this can happen anywhere is very frightening. i am sad that we are subjected to this.

i am thankful you brought it up. so many brands and people on twitter and facebook ignored it for hours than last night I saw brand after brand posting that Boston is in their thoughts after hours of pimping their wares.

i wish a lot of support to everyone in Boston.
Unthinkable. I don't have sufficient words other than to say that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved. I also pray for our country as a whole- the senseless loss of life that is a result of these senseless crimes has got to stop.
Thank you for acknowledging. What a day. I'm from Boston originally and this hit me and my family hard.
My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved or affected. What a tragic day. Thank you for covering!
This was such a nice idea instead of the million other blogs I read that ignored the event. I know life goes on, but two lines to show respect and thoughtfulness goes a long way in my book.
I finally became not afraid to turn on the news. Then we have North Korea threatening us and now this in our own backyards - so sad and really scared o live as freely as I would like.
This is when my favorite saying comes into play - "Keep calm and carry on".
These last two days have been heartbreaking. I am catching up on all the news on my phone because I can't have the TV on so my kids won't see or hear this. I hate that they have to grow up in a world filled with people who hate and for no reason. I hope everyone is safe and recovering. I pray for healing to all.
So sad the whole thing. I wish they would have some kind of suspect. Afraid they never will.

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