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How to Spend Your Sephora Gift Card.

Now that Christmas is over, it is time to start shopping with those gift cards or holiday cash. I've got some great advice on what to spend your Sephora gift cards on. Whether you are stocking up on basics, picking up that must-have product or want a new makeup palette, I have a few suggestions.

Stock Up on Basics

Must-Have Product

Makeup Palettes

What are you spending your Sephora Gift Card?

Reader Comments (8)

Great ideas! I got TWO Sephora gift cards and I am going to stock up on the basics!
I think I am going to use mine for some essentials, some makeup I have been looking at and finally try Orgasm blush.
Nice picks! I got a Sephora gift card for $200!!! My boy friend knows me so well. I have been adding things to my cart all day long and can't wait to finally decide on everything I want. I do want new makeup for sure and need some cleansers and stuff. I might get a new T3 though. I've always wanted one and now is the chance! Hope you had a Merry Christmas Teri!
Great range of quality products! During this winter my skin was becoming unbelievably dry and flaking. So i was in need of total care providing cream, and i think i have got it. The ultra repair cream helped my skin to recover its softness. This is an amazing product.
So happy because I got a Sephora gift card and will be putting it to good use this weekend. I am thinking a pretty new lipstick and sparklie shadow for NYE!
@Brooke - How lucky are you to have gotten two gift cards? Good for you! I hope you pick up all the basics you need.

@Sherri - Sounds like you have a good plan! You will love Orgasm for sure. Everyone who tries it does!

@Amelia - You are definitely a lucky girl! Hope you picked up what you wanted. I'm dying for one of those hair dryers too.

@SSC - This is great to hear. Thanks for the comment.

@Sarah - I am sure you put your gift card to good use. Your ideas were great!
This is a great idea for a post. I end up saving them for something special and have even left gift cards to expire waiting around. Great post Christmas post.
Thanks Angela. Happy new year!

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