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MAC Holiday 2011: Promo Images.

I haven't been this excited about a holiday collection, well, since last year. Really though, MAC has OUTDONE themselves with this years 2011 Holiday Collection.  I cannot wait to see all the beauties in person. These promo images are just a tease. Get ready for GORGEOUS!

Did you hear that figure skating champion Johnny Weir is the face of the holiday Glitter and Ice Collection? Glitter. Ice. I cannot think of a more perfect fit than Johnny for this campaign.

The collections include:

Glitter and Ice
Ice Parade
Viva Glam
Kids Helping Kids

 What do you think of the collection? Can you hardly wait? Stay tuned for individual product pictures.



Reader Comments (13)

Thanks for sharing this! I bet the collection has some amazing products, but you could never tell based on the photos. I wonder if an art director went crazy and forgot what they were selling or if they just didn't intentionally want to focus on the product. I don't think I've ever seen a product shoot that's gotten so confused! I am so glad you shared this!!
I have all of the product images and I think the art director did a great job catching the ice and glitter theme of the giftable items. The Johnny Weir photograph looks a little more high tech than ice, but I love that he is the face of the collection, so I don't really care - ha!

The sets do not disappoint and they are perfect for any MAC makeup lover to give - or receive. I'll be posting the product images shortly so be sure to check back and let me know what you think.
These are beautiful. I always shop the MAC counter first for beauty gifts - they are always great products at great products. I am so excited. Any idea when they come out?
Gorgeous is an understatement. I'm googling to find product images now. Don't make me, I want to see them now. The holidays can't get here soon enough.
Johnny Weir - such a fan and I'm so proud of all he is doing. I will be buying to support him. Why doesn't he have a Viva Glam???
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. My heart is racing thinking about what the products might look like. Holy WOW!!!!!!!
What is Kelly talking about? The art director did great here. The images are OUTSTANDING and truly represent the MAC Cosmetics products. Their images are always over the top glitz and glamour and I LOVE IT!!
I have been waiting for these.

Cannot wait to see what the products are.

I like to give the gift sets to my besties and I always get some from them too
MAC addict here...

the images are great - i can't wait - to see all the holiday - making it's way my way - under my tree - when i am on bended knee.
MAC never fails to amaze me and it's glorious gift items. Are those ornaments in the image of the mini sets? I wonder if they actually come in ornaments. The products in an ornament with a KHK gift tag would make the best gift ever.

Thank you so much Beautiful Makeup Search for making my day and have me wiring out my wish list already.
Thanks for the info! What creative photos :)
I don't like the art direction here either or the packaging looks a little cheap. But some of the colors are ok if you are into the frosted look. I love Johnny Weir though he is a great choice for the campaign

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