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Fall 2012: L’Oréal Paris New York Nudes Collection.

The flesh-tone shade trend has hit the beauty world big time. Brands are coming up with new "nudes" all the time. The easiest way to embrace and wear the trend is on your lips or nails.  L’Oréal Paris just debuted the New York Nudes Collection, that goes right along with this fashion forward nude trend.

The limited edition collection includes six expertly developed Colour Riche Nail and coordinating Colour Riche Le Gloss shades. They are all breathtaking. What is really great is that all of these nude shades can be worn by any woman, as a nude flatters every skin tone.

L’Oréal Paris New York Nudes Colour Riche Nail

New York Nudes Colour Riche Nail - $5.99

  • Park Ave Function
  • Broadway Boogie
  • Till The Sun Comes Up
  • Hudson Sunset
  • Downtown Chic
  • Brownie Points

L’Oréal Paris New York Nudes Colour Riche Le Gloss

New York Nudes Colour Riche Le Gloss - $7.95

  • Chic-ly Pale
  • Midtown Hustle
  • Girl's Night Out
  • Skyline Glow
  • Cinnamon Spiced
  • Spiked Coffee

Look for the New York Nudes collection in your favorite drugstore or mass retailer now. 

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Reader Comments (16)

These are so pretty! I love nude nails and can't wait to see these. I'm sure I'll need more than just one.
love the polishes! I'm not much of a gloss girl though, especially not nudes and browns!
Nude lips and tips - so fine!
Christina, I can assure you that you will have a hard time walking away with just one of the new polishes, for sure. They are perfect. After a summer of brights, I am ready to embrace the nude trend for fall.
Thanks for the comment, Olivia. The nude polishes are beautiful, aren't they? I bet you would like a gloss, especially the lightest Chic-ly Pale shade. It is so pretty, especially over other colors.
Ja- I agree!
I am already on the hunt for the Maybellne new Color Tattoos that you wrote about on Monday, now I better start looking for these polishes and a few of the glosses now too. I want ALL of the polishes - wow, they are so great. I like the lighter lipglosses too. You are killing me with the beautiful drugstore products, Teri :)))
Unlike the rest here that want he lighter colors, I really want the darker shades. It's like the 90's all over again!!! (Loved your other brown polish posts too, that is what got me started on the new trend again.
I love the way the light is caught on the polish bottles - very glam. It really makes me want them,
I hope you can find both the Color Tattoos you want and now these pretty polishes, Seana. Let me know how it goes!
This is so fun to hear Susanna! I love deep rich browns opposed to the blacks for fall and winter. They look better on me.
Once you see them in person, let me know what you think Mickey.
I can't wait to see these!
I love nude polishes, so I'm guessing a couple of these will end up in my cart next time I am at the store!
I'd love to see swatches. Knowing me though I'd probably put a glitter over these since I'm not a nude soul.
Bought Girls Night Out Gloss. Gorgous! Favorite Nude Unfortunately all the stores by me that got these LTD edition shades have sold out and I cant find it anywhere to buy more. :(

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